Bringing Up Baby!

Please join Bryn Mawr and Seven Sister/Ivy Alums for a brown bag dinner at the City of Chicago’s 7th Annual Outdoor Film Fest‘s showing of “Bringing Up Baby!”

“Bringing Up Baby” is the only Hepburn movie in the Festival’s lineup this year, so be sure to drop by! Look for the yellow and white balloons and the Bryn Mawr College sign.

Bring your own brown bag picnic dinner and, if you can, snacks to share. We’ll be stocking the bar with limited quantities of non-alcoholic drinks.

Where: Butler Field, Grant Park, Chicago
Corner of Lake Shore Drive & Monroe

When: Tuesday, July 25th
6:30 p.m . – Picnic
8:49 p.m. – Movie Begins

RSVP to Stephanie Hammer-Krabbe at Hammer-Krabbe[at]speakeasy[dot]net .

“Bringing Up Baby” (Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn)

“This film is often considered the definitive screwball comedy. Grant plays the uptight anthropologist who gets mixed up with the daffy heiress, played by Hepburn. Determined to win him over, she uses her brother’s pet leopard, Baby, to get his attention. Directed by Howard Hawks, this film displays the best comic performances by Grant and Hepburn. 1938 (102 minutes)”

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