The Hunt Is Up!

Will we see you tonight at the BMC Club’s May Day Event? We hope so!

You should have already received your invitation with all the details and logistics (by snail mail and e-mail), but in case you’re wavering, we offer The Top Five Reasons to Attend May Day—All Grown Up:

5. It’s a night out at a swank restaurant overlooking Grant Park. Chosen as one of the best new restaurants in Chicago by Esquire magazine, the Chicago Tribune and foodies on all kinds of blogs, the décor at Mercat a la Planxa is spectacular and the food even better. Executive chef Jose Garces captures “the vivacious spirit of traditional Catalan cuisine while still offering contemporary flourish.”

4. Old school good times. Faced with the economic crisis, two wars, a bleeping ex-governor’s antics, parking meters that cost a million dollars an hour and a pile of laundry that reaches the sky, wouldn’t it be nice to pretend you’re back at BMC where the only thing you had to worry about was finishing that paper on western perspectives on mind/body dualism and making sure you had enough champagne to wash down those strawberries?

3. Network, network, network. We know we’re in tough times—use the old girls’ network to find employment contacts and opportunities.

2. A very cool after-party event: We’ll head over to the Sullivan Galleries, where Jessica Taylor ‘06 will be showing her MFA thesis project along with other students from the School of the Art Institute.

1. It’s for a great cause. The Midwest Endowed Scholarship goes to a deserving Midwestern student, promoting geographical diversity at the college and making sure those East Coast women know that the Midwest is more than just a “snow-capped hill of cheese, ” which is a quote from an actual letter sent to Amy Narea ’73 from the only other Wisconsin woman at BMC at the time.

Friday, May 1st, 7 – 9pm at Mercat a la Planxa. 638 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago. 312-765-0524.

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