Board Meeting & Annual Event: Winter Potluck, Saturday January 12th, 6PM

Join Bi-Co alumni and current students for our annual Bi-Co Winter Potluck!

Join Bryn Mawr alumnae and current students for our annual Winter Potluck and board meeting. Family, friends, and Haverfordians are invited to the potluck.

NB: The board meeting will start at 4PM. The potluck will follow, at 6PM. Board meetings are open to any Mawrter in the Chicago area. Attending is a great way to connect with local Mawrters and find out about Club activities.

Please bring an appetizer, salad, side or main dish, dessert, or drink that will serve 6-8 people and let us know what you’re bringing. To accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and those with allergies, please note key ingredients and leave nuts out.

If you need a ride or would like to car pool, let us know where you’re coming from, and we’ll help with arrangements to the extent that we are able.

The event will be held at the home of one of our lovely alumnae in Wilmette. To RSVP or for more details, please email (Current Club members should have received an evite with the address — check your spam boxes if you did not!)

Hope you will join us!


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