Annual Meeting minutes


Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago, Annual Board Meeting, Home of Ronit Rose

June 7, 2014

In attendence: Chris Tompsett ‘72, Megan Zolnik ‘10, Hanna Stotland ‘99, Alice Mulberry ‘60, Ruth Clark ‘81, Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01, Jen Jobrak ‘89, Leona Gray ‘56, Nikki Barker ‘16, Amy Weiss-Narea ‘73, Diana Wilkins ‘68, Rachel Crossland Novak ‘99, Megan Roudebush ‘02, Claire Doyle ‘83, Christine Head ‘11, Jessica Taylor ‘06, Kim Wells ‘06, Valerie Wiley ‘73, Ronit Rose ‘83, Mary Rasmusson ‘84, Jessica Collett ’06, Wendy Greenfield — Executive Director of the BMC Alumnae Association


  • Approval of Minutes — reserved
  • Officers Reports
    • Treasurer: Ronit Rose;
  • $2207 – lunch for the annual meeting in account currently;
  • 60 dues paying members dues payments have subsided at this point in the year;
  • Goal of working on a budget for the future now that annual events have changed.
    • Admissions: Jennifer Morris
  • 2000+ applications this year;
  • Of the 3 students who were admitted prior to the 360 event, 2 are enrolling; we have a total of 6 admitted students from the area;
  • The College was represented at 2 college fairs, and a number of interviews were conducted, some via Skype!
  • Jennifer participated in a book award ceremony at Northside College.
    • Social: Gail Scully and Robin Shartiag
  • Gail and Robin are staying on as VP/Social Chairs.
    • Seven Sisters Events: Lou Levine
  • Upcoming 7 Sisters Event – attending taping of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, date TBA.
    • Career Development: Hanna Stotland
  • Quiet, good year for career development, with no extreme need from the area alumnae.
    • Outreach: Ruth Clark and Jenny Jimin Lo
  • Looking to build collaboration between the social branch of the Club and 7 Sisters;
  • Discussion of how the Club gets incoming alumnae information and integrates that into the Club’s list;
  • Discussion of the upcoming imodule from the College.
    • Alumnae Association Board: Jen Jobrack
  • Connection with Current Students
    • Nikki Barker ‘16 attended the annual meeting.  Nikki is starting a Facebook group for current students!
  • Slate of New Officers
  • Current VP/Social Chairs are staying on to stagger their terms with the Presidents, so this will be a one year position for now.  Consideration for making the VP positions president-elect positions, so that the VPs have time to work with the Presidents before taking over.  VPs will still maintain their role as Social Chairs.
  • Members At Large: Discussion regarding keeping MAL positions limited to 10 active MALs.
  • Proposed Slate for Voting:
    • Co-Presidents: Ruth Clark ’81 & Jessica Collett ’06, officer terms end 2016.
    • Co-VPs/Social Co-Chairs: Gail Scully ‘83 & Robin Shartiag ‘83, officer terms end 2015.
    • Treasurer: Ronit Rose, ’83, officer term ends 2015.
    • Secretary: Kim Wells ’06. Officer term ends 2016.
    • Outreach Co-Chairs: Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01 & Jenny Jimin Lo ‘01, officer terms end 2016.
    • MALs:
      • Amanda Edwards ‘00, Board term ends 2015.
      • Marlise Fratinardo ‘93, Board term ends 2016.
      • Rachel Goodman ‘87, Board term ends 2016.
      • Christine Head ‘11, Board term ends 2015.
      • Sarah Johnson ‘06, Board term ends 2015.
      • Lisa Lee ‘91, Board term ends 2015.
      • Rachael Crossland Novak ‘99, Board term ends 2016.
      • Megan Roudebush ‘02, Board term ends 2016.
      • Meghan Zolnay ‘10, Board term ends 2016.
      • Judith Weinstein ‘85, Board term ends 2016.
  • Slate approved unanimously
  • Old Business
    • Presented by the College, 4/10/14 – 360 Event w/ Kim Cassidy
    • May Day Potluck Brunch – hosted by Ruth Clark ‘81 – an excellent time and excellent food with about 20 people in attendance!
  • New Business
    • Committee to review by-laws – Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein, Valerie Wiley, Ruth Clark, and Jessica Collett will review.
    • Announcement of event to honor Barbara Morrison, who started the Midwest Scholarship Endowment Fund and, as both a Chicago Club member and while working extensively for the College, played a pivotal role in ensuring that Bryn Mawr College became well known not just here in the midwest but all across the United States.
    • Salons — proposal that, after reviewing the budget, the Club establish basic guidelines for Club assistance/funding of salons and other pop-up events, to the tune of providing ~$7/RSVP to help encourage alumnae to host events.  Approved, with new Co-Presidents to work out details after the budget has been determined.
    • Bi-Co Picnic/New Student Send Off — date TBA in July/August
  • Wendy Greenfield Reports!  Highlights:
    • Encouraging everyone to focus on the joy and positive when spreading the word about the College!  Kim has been hosting pop-up events at the College, which have been varied and very successful — smores in the cloisters, square dances on the green, massage chairs/spa day during midterms.  (Ladies, is anyone else insanely jealous of the current students??  This secretary is! – Jes C.)
    • Wendy spoke on the new Leadership for the College/Cabinet of Advisors for Kim, as Bryn Mawr is welcoming a large number of new, highly acclaimed individuals to the administration, along with Kim!
    • Leadership Innovation:
  • LILAC — Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center –$5M dollar gift, with an additional $5M match available if the College raises $5 of its own money — so $15M total.  To prepare liberal arts students to be professional leaders and be prepared to succeed in the professional world;
  • Civic Engagement Office (hands on volunteering and PRAXIS) and Career Development Office;
  • Engaging alumnae with helping current students;
  • Alumnae Engagement — focus on lifetime engagement, a more holistic approach.
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