Fall Board Meeting minutes

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Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago

September Board Meeting

Sunday, September 20, 2014, 10:30AM

Home of Jessica Collett


In attendance: Amanda Edwards ‘00, Ruth Clark ‘81, Amy Weiss-Narea ‘73, Mary Rasmussen ‘84, Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01, Alice Mulberry ‘60, Rachel Novak ‘99, Jenny Lo ‘01, Ilana Larkin ‘09, Courtney Gray ‘92, Jessica Collett ‘06, Christine Head ‘11


  • Review and approval of minutes from April and June
  • Approved


  • Officers’ Reports
  • Treasurer: Ronit Rose
    • $1,599.57 as of August — minus expenses for picnic and fall meeting, plus 2 new dues submissions.
  • Admissions: Jennifer Morris
    • The Office of Admissions is following up on their renovation of the AAR website with an update of the AAR membership list. Local AARs should’ve received a link in July to an online form asking if they are interested in remaining active. If local AARs did not receive, please have them call/email me to follow up. For those who did and responded, thank you!
    • The New Student Send-Off had new hosts and a new location this year: Jes and Charles Collett hosted at Elliott Park in Evanston on August 2. Jes – I was traveling and unable to make the event – can you please add details on how it went? How many current / rising students attended?
    • The local AARs had a good, though small meeting with Jennifer Keegan, Assistant Director of Admissions this past Sunday (9/4) at the Evanston Public Library. (3 attendees, 2 more who couldn’t make it at the last moment.) Jennifer discussed some of the changes that have been made recently within Admissions, including the new Chief Enrollment Officer (Polema Morrice); continuing to move more to a “group travel” model rather than individual high school visits; and setting up an AAR advisory board. They found the admitted student receptions to be very successful events last year so will be continuing for the 2014-2015 season. They will also be asking the local AARs to write personalized notecards to admitted students again; with all the communications that come to students electronically these days, Admissions feels it’s more effective to reach out to the students with a “real” note. There are also new deadlines for interviews; these are posted on the website. Finally, Admissions is looking to support AARs with additional training materials, possibly to follow the format of the webinars being offered by the Career Development Office. Ideas for such training / support are welcomed.
    • Interview and college fair requests should start rolling in soon. On that note, if anyone on the board or general membership is interested in helping with AAR activities, please contact me.
  • Social: Gail Scully and Robin Shartiag
    • None
  • Seven Sisters Events: Lou Levine
    • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me taping October 23rd — sold out.
  • Career Development: Hanna Stotland
    • No updates.
    • Jenny Lo interested in a list of careers and events that alumns are involved in — a list on the website of workplaces/fields that alumns are involved in, so people can see what’s available in terms of informational interview;
    • Linked in Group for Bryn Mawr Chicago — member only group;
    • Jenny will draft email and create Linked In Group.
  • Outreach: Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein and Jenny Jimin Lo
    • Jenny will draft email and create Linked In group.
    • Holiday event of some kind in December?
    • Issue w/ keeping up to date w/ list of alumns who are new in the area — Ruth Clark will forward info onto Ruth C-L and Jenny L, for outreach, as it arrives.
    • 2 October events will be our Welcome to the City events.
  • Alumnae Association Board: Jen Jobrack
    • No update.


  • Proposed Calendar of Events – see below for full calendar
  • Seeking hosts for the following upcoming events!
  • January 10th —  Bi-Co Potluck — looking for someone w/ large space, as we usually get a large crowd for this one!
  • March 8th-ish — Spring Board Meeting — we will ask the college to send someone out — Ruth C-L will follow up — Marjorie Kovler Center?
  • May 2nd-ish — May Day Potluck Brunch — hoping for a location with outdoor space — Jenny L will follow up on location and host.
  • June 13 — Annual Meeting.


  • Alumnae Spotlight Discussion
  • Spotlight: Barbara Morrison
  • November 1, The Avenue in Wilmette
  • The Club will solicit photos of Barbara with friends and family throughout her time with the Club and with Bryn Mawr.  Amy and Val will spearhead contacting Barbara’s classmates.  Club members can send photos to bmcchicago@gmail.com.
  • The Club will solicit short (1-2 min) videos from individuals who’d like to share a few memories of Barbara.  Courtney and Ruth C will coordinate this.  Videos can be sent to bmcchicago@gmail.com.
  • Alice M will coordinate with The Avenue.
  • Amanda will coordinate decorations — have alumna bring their lanterns to use as center pieces!


  • Old Business
  • August 2nd – Bi-Co Picnic/New Student Send Off
    • ~ 30 attendees, 2 current student, 1 transferring student
  • August 8th – Pilsen 2nd Friday Open Gallery Night
    • ~8 people, free wine, excellent fun!
  • September 14th – Alumnae Admissions Representatives Training
    • See Admissions.


  • New Business
  • Welcome to the City Events
  • Saturday, October 18th @ 10:30AM — Brunch of the Western Suburbs, hosted by Roxanne Kelsey ‘90 and Karen Zatz ‘92 @ Roxanne’s home
  • Sunday, October 19th @ 3PM – South Side Tea, hosted by Alice Mulberry
  • Possible white elephant in December — possible cookie exchange?

DRAFT Calendar for Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago 2014-2015


Bi-Co Potluck Picnic and New Student Send-off:

Saturday, August 2, Elliott Park, Evanston


Drinks + Pilsen Open Gallery Night + Dinner:

Friday, August 8, Simone’s Bar, Halsted Galleries, Dusek’s


AAR Training Session with Jennifer Keegan from BMC Office of Admissions

Sunday, September 14, Evanston Public Library


Fall Board Meeting and Live-Streaming of Inauguration of Kim Cassidy:

Saturday, September 20, Jes Collett’s home


Brunch of the Western Suburbs, hosted by Roxanne Kelsey ‘90 and Karen Zatz ‘92:

Saturday, October 18, 10:30 am, Roxanne’s home


South Side Tea, hosted by Alice Mulberry

Sunday, October 19, 3PM, Alice’s home


Seven Sisters Event
Oct. 23: Taping of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”


Alumnae Spotlight on Barbara Bauman Morrison ‘62:

Saturday, November 1, noon, The Avenue Restaurant, Wilmette


Winter Board Meeting and Bi-college Potluck:

Saturday, January 10 suggested


Spring Board Meeting:

Sunday, March 8 suggested


Possibly another event in Chicago hosted by the College
Spring, more information as it develops


May Day Potluck Brunch:

Saturday, May 2 suggested


Annual Meeting:

Saturday, June 13 suggested

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