Spring Board Meeting Minutes

Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago

March Board Meeting

Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 1PM

Home of Amy Weiss Narea

In attendance: Jessica Caponigro ‘06, Ruth Clark ‘81, Jessica Collett ‘06, Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01, Marlise Fratinardo ‘93, Eve S. Guth ’81, Erin Epstein Hoffmeier ‘02, Lou Levine ‘70, Alice Mulberry ‘60, Amy Weiss Narea ‘73, Rachael Crossland Novak ‘99, Ronit Rose ‘83, Hanna Stotland ‘99, Judith Weinstein ‘85, Kim Wells ‘06, Valerie Wiley ‘73, Meghan Zolnay ‘10
  • Review and approval of minutes from January
    • approved without comments/corrections
  1. Officers’ Reports
  • Treasurer: Ronit Rose
    • $1671 in bank account, nothing in PayPal account. About $500 will be taken from the account to cover the annual mailing. Dues are starting to come in – about $550 has come in so far.
  • Admissions: Jennifer Morris
    • no activity since last meeting
  • Social: Gail Scully and Robin Shartiag
    • no report
    • January potluck: unusually low attendance. In the future, should announce city drivers who can carpool to events in suburbs. Should we keep the event at this time of year?
  • Seven Sisters Events: Lou Levine
    • No Seven Sisters spring event this year.
  • Career Development: Hanna Stotland
    • Not a lot of demand from people in crisis lately.
    • Working with Cori Ashworth, Director for Alumnae Career Engagement, to make sure we can connect with new grads.
    • Cori would like to do a career event this year and offered the following workshop topics from which we can choose (Hanna emailed list with workshop descriptions to members). Based on what we think would be popular, Hanna can ask Cori to come out to do a workshop in the summer or fall.
      • Figuring Out Who You Really Are: self-assessment methods and tools
      • Managing Your Career Smartly
      • Changing Careers: how to tackle modifying your course in life
      • Managing a Smart Job Search
      • How to Read the Smoke Signals: organizational signs of change
      • Networking Today, online and face –to-face
      • LinkedIn: online professional networking
      • Branding and Marketing Yourself
      • Emotional Intelligence: how to grow stronger in a new way
      • Positive Psychology and how to apply it in our lives
      • Planning for Midlife/Retirement; New directions
      • Negotiations
      • Job Search Groups
      • Interviewing Magic, Tackling the Tough Questions
      • Managing Upward
      • Managing a Portfolio Career
    • Jes C. asked if others would be interested in having a webinar viewing and discussion salon. Those who have watched webinars said that they aren’t very helpful.
    • Jes C. said it would be helpful to younger alums to hear insight from alums with more career experience and Hanna suggested holding a panel of alums from different careers.
  • Outreach: Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein and Jenny Jimin Lo
    • Jenny will be contacting Jennifer Morris about May Day
  • Alumnae Association Board: Jen Jobrack
    • no report
  1. Old Business
  • Proposed Revision of By-Laws
    • This is the first time by-laws have been reviewed/updated since 2005.
    • Alumnae clubs are no longer doing fundraising so that reduces officers’ benefit-organizing tasks. Reviewed officer positions to be sure that they still made sense in reflecting that change.
    • Length of terms for board & officer positions have been shortened (previous change)
    • Some positions have been eliminated. Shuffled some job descriptions around so that they more accurately reflect officers’ roles.
      • President and Vice President: can each be held by 2 people, although there may not be a need. Still possible to have the VP position roll into the President position. VP will take primary responsibility for alumnae spotlight and winter potluck.
      • Webmistress folded into Secretary position
    • President(s) and VP(s) elected on even-numbered years. Other chairs elected on odd-numbered years.
    • By-laws approved unanimously by those present. Will be presented to the club for a general vote at the annual meeting.
  • Proposal to make the Annual Letter primarily electronic
    • Letter is sent to about 450 and costs about $500 to send with many hours of preparation.
    • Should the letter be sent electronically to most while keeping a list of those who still want to receive it in the mail?
    • If time is the primary burden to sending, club can help by stuffing envelopes at meetings.
    • Do an opt-out for people who want email only. Could send out a poll sometime during the year asking people to respond if they would like to only receive things by email.
  • Lizards sent to College for Hell Week were received by this year’s freshman
  1. New Business
  • Elections
    • Elections will occur at June meeting.
    • Jes C. will be moving & President position will be open.
    • Co-VPs, treasurer, 1 of the outreach co-chairs, and 4 at-large member positions coming up for election
      • Terms will be shorter in order to catch them up to new by-laws timing.
    • Need an Elections Chair and 4 more people for the nominating committee.
      • Contact people in current positions to see if they want to stay in position and contact new members about wanting to run.
      • Jes C. volunteered for Elections Chair – Need one board member and one non-board member to be on the nominating committee.
    • If you’re interested in being considered for a position or know of anyone who should be considered for a position, email Jes and the nominating committee.
    • Jes will email club about nominations.
  • GOLD alums interested in having more young alum events
    • Should we either add coordination of young alum events to an existing officer’s responsibility or recommend that one of the outreach chairs be a young alum
    • Under “Event ideas” on last page of by-laws, could add events focused on grads of last decade
    • Concern that “young alum” events exclude older alums and aren’t necessary to specify
  • Marcia Chatelain, a Georgetown history prof and friend of Ruth C-L, offered to do a salon about her book on the experience of black girls on the South side of Chicago during the Great Migration. Ruth C-L, Valerie and Alice all offered to host. Date TBD. Ruth will ask about Marcia’s availability and will suggest dates.
  • April 10th — Young Alums Event — Pilsen Second Friday gallery walk — hosted by Christine H., Kim W., Diane S.
  • April 29th –Our Collective Endeavors – Kim Cassidy event – at University Club
  • May 3rd — May Day event — at Jennifer Morris’s house – Jenny will reach out to Jennifer about organizing
  • June 13 — annual meeting – seeking host — w/ Chief Enrollment Officer Pelema Morrice
    • Usually have board meeting at 10, lunch & speaker at noon, finished by 2. 40 attended last year.
    • Possible location: Hull House (on UIC’s campus). Ruth will call Lisa Lee to ask.

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