Annual Board Meeting Minutes

Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago

Annual Board Meeting

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 10AM

Home of Barbara Morrison

In attendance: Joan Meskin Berman ’64, Ruth Clark ‘81, Jessica Collett ‘06, Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01, Leona Gray ’56, Hildi Greenberg ’10, Eve S. Guth ’81, Christine Head ’11, Lou Levine ‘70, Barbara Morrison ‘62, Alice Mulberry ‘60, Amy Weiss Narea ‘73, Megan Roudebush ’02, Lois Silverstein ’65, Kim Wells ‘06, Valerie Wiley ‘73, Meghan Zolnay ‘10, Wendy Greenfield (Executive Director, Alumnae Association)


  • Review and approval of by-law changes
    • passed unanimously


  1.   Officers’ Reports
  • Treasurer: Ronit Rose
    • $2900.46 in bank account.
    • Fiscal year ended May 31 with $3115.32 in bank account and total fiscal year expenses of $2530.24
    • What is the current status of the endowment? Bring update to September meeting.
  • Outreach: Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein and Jenny Jimin Lo
    • Co-chair Jenny Jimin Lo ‘01 will be moving to California
    • May Day event was success
  • Seven Sisters Events: Lou Levine
    • No updates
  • Admissions: Jennifer Morris
    • Jennifer Morris, Amanda Edwards and Mindy Durr attended a “Sisters Tour” event at Walter Peyton High School on May 17, at the invitation of Peaches Valdes. The Sisters Tour is a presentation to students and families by Sister college deans and admissions directors regarding the various aspects of a women’s college education. Amanda, Mindy and Jennifer assisted with the event check-in process and mingled with students before and after the presentation.
    • On June 3, Jennifer attended the annual Book Awards ceremony at Northside College Preparatory High School. The Bryn Mawr College award was presented to Nadja Mohammed. Jennifer had to leave early so didn’t get the chance to speak with Nadja after the presentation, but followed up with the event coordinator and passed on her contact info, should Nadja have any questions or want more info about BMC.
    • To be answered at next meeting: Are there any new students from the area going to Bryn Mawr?
  • Career Development: Megan Roudebush
    • Megan participated in Cori Ashworth’s “Shifting Gears” on-campus weekend workshop on career transitions for ~25 alums.
      • Cori would like to resume the workshop next summer and will post it on the Bryn Mawr LinkedIn and Megan can announce to the club.
    • Cori would like to bring the “Shifting Gears” workshop to the club in a module format.
      • Megan will coordinate with Outreach Chairs to make this happen (see “Future events” below)
    • Cori will be starting a 20-minute podcast series discussing career topics with alums.
    • Megan will be assisting Cori in helping alums who need career advising.
  • No reports from other committees


  1. Past Events
  • May Day: May 3rd at home of Jennifer Morris, ~20 people in attendance.
  • Young alum event: Pilsen art district walk and dinner, April 10th, organized by Christine Head ‘11; 8-10 people in attendance throughout the evening.
  • Kim Cassidy “Our Collective Endeavours” event: Hosted by the College, April 29th, well-attended.


  1. Future Events
  • September board meeting: Saturday, September 26th, hosted by Ruth Clark ‘81.
  • Annual South Side tea: October (date TBA) hosted by Alice Mulberry ‘60 in her Hyde Park home.
    • New Outreach Co-Chair Christine Head ‘11 lives on South Side and will coordinate with Alice to find a date.
  • Alumnae Spotlight: to be organized by Co-Vice-Presidents
    • Seeking ideas for a local alum to be highlighted
    • Wendy Greenfield (Alumnae Association) will look for local alums doing something interesting when she returns to the College. She could also generate a list of local alums and their careers.
    • Suggestions:
      • Louise Lincoln ‘69 (Director of the DePaul Art Museum); Karen Kerr ‘89 (biotech venture capitalist)
      • A panel of alums with different experiences organized around a central theme, possibly related to the work of an alum who may or may not be present, such as Grace Lee Boggs (e.g., social justice/activism, urban education, STEM careers)
    • Keep thinking and email any suggestions to the Co-Vice-Presidents.
  • Welcome to the City: combine with the Alumnae Spotlight?
  • Bi-Co Picnic: Late July/early August, organized by Outreach Co-Chairs
  • GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Cubs Game: August 6th, organized by the College
  • Salons: Looking for upcoming salon ideas. If you’re interested in hosting or have an idea for a salon, contact a President or Outreach Chair. The Club would be happy to underwrite the event.
    • Could be an informal conversation at home on a movie/book/article/topic, an outing like the Pilsen art walk, activity like the knitting salon, whatever interests you.
  • Condensed “Switching Gears” Career Workshop: Megan Roudebush will coordinate with Outreach Co-Chairs to make this happen
    • There is room for more than one modular event on different topics.
    • Can we send out a survey on topics of interest for those who plan on attending? (“We are having a career event on [date]. If you will likely be attending, which topic(s) interest you?”)


  1. Elections
  • President (1-year term)
    • Jes Collett ‘06 is moving
    • Amanda Edwards ‘00 will take her place
  • Co-Vice-Presidents (1-year term)
    • Eve Guth ‘81 and Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01
  • Treasurer
    • Ronit Rose ‘83 will continue on in this position
  • Secretary/Webmistress
    • Kim Wells ‘06 is moving
    • The position remains open. Contact a President if you are interested or know someone who is.
  • Outreach Co-Chairs
    • Ruth Czarnecki-Lichstein ‘01 is moving up to VP and Jenny Jimin Lo ‘01 will be moving
    • Christine Head ’11 and Marlise Fratinardo ‘93 will take their place
  • Members-at-Large
    • Outgoing: Lisa Lee ‘91, Sarah Johnson ‘06, Robin Shartiag ‘83, Amanda Edwards ‘00, Christine Head ’11
    • Incoming: Gail Scully ‘83, Hildi Greenberg ’10
    • 3 positions remain open
  • The fresh slate of officers was unanimously passed.
  1. Discussion with Wendy Greenfield (Executive Director, Alumnae Association)
  • Can the club name be changed from the Bryn Mawr Club of Chicago to the Bryn Mawr College Club of Chicago?
    • The name change was a requirement of the college in order to shorten the club name.
    • “Bryn Mawr” in Chicago is ambiguous and the College does not have the name recognition that it does in other cities.
    • Wendy will bring this feedback to the College.
  • The new Alumnae Connections email bulletin from the College is an attempt to bundle emails from different areas of the College.
    • Cynthia is the contact for submitting club updates.
  • Many alums experience problems logging into Athena’s Web
    • Wendy will bring this feedback to the College.
  1. Review and approval of minutes from March meeting
  • Approved



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